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Viruses are ubiquitous intercellular parasites, with most organisms having a at least one identified virus. Due to their small size, they are highly constrained as to
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Martinus Beijerinck coined the term contagium vivum fluidum (soluble living germ) in 1898

the amount of information they can carry in their genome. This leads to intense evolutionary pressure, making viruses some of the most fascinating organisms to study. For this project, you will be assigned a virus from the list below. You will then create and edit a wiki page about that virus. Requirements for the wiki page are as follows:
At least one picture with descriptive caption
Structure of the virus
Classification of the virus (Baltimore system)
Replication/reproduction strategy of the virus
Species affected
Intermediate hosts (if any)
Symptoms of viral infection
Treatment options for viral infection
History of epidemics of the virus

Virus GroupsEdit

Varicella Zoster

Marburg virus


Parvovirus B19



Lujo virus

Coxsackie virus

Small Pox

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